Sunday, October 26, 2008

USDA releases it's 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee

USDA releases it's 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee

Organic Animals Must Graze, USDA Rules

Organic Animals Must Graze, USDA Rules

85,000 people sent in letters and the USDA listened! No more oxymoronic "organic CAFOs"!

Just Food Nation by Christopher Cook

Just Food Nation

The solution lies beyond buying local and organic, and involves transforming food systems, locally and nationally (and globally) to meet an urgent array of needs: petroleum-free agriculture and food policies that build new infrastructures — markets, distribution channels, and a diversity of farms — centered on economic and ecological sustainability.

"Every city should have a food czar," argues Dimock, to "take the contradictions out of city policies," and develop new policies — and leverage state and federal help — to increase food security.

Blueprint for a Healthier America

Blueprint for a Healthier America

A survey of 1,026 voters by the Trust for America's Health shows 63 percent believe investing in preventive health will save money on long-term health care costs. The survey also finds 60 percent of respondents want federal and state governments to focus on obesity-related illnesses.

"America's public health system is broken. Serious gaps exist in the nation's ability to safeguard health, putting our families, communities, states, and the country at risk," said Jeff Levi, PhD, Executive Director of TFAH. The group identifies steps to prevent disease, prepare for disasters and bring down health care costs.

[from On the Pulse Oct. 24, 2008]

Saturday, October 18, 2008

BBC - Delhi notebook - malnutrition and malls

The BBC reports on malnutrition in India. 2 million households earn $100,000 or more, yet 2/3 of the country live on $2 or less a day, and 60 million children are malnourished.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Michael Pollan's letter to President-Elect; Farmer-in-Chief

Once we successfully implement everything Michael Pollan suggests here, my life will be complete.