Friday, January 30, 2009

"How I went healthy...and then veg" by Jill Richardson

"How I went healthy...and then veg" by Jill Richardson

My own experience with food has been somewhat similar to Jill's. Although I am not yet 100% vegetarian, I am definitely a "flexitarian," and maybe someday when I apply my nutrition education to my own life and make sure I am complementing my proteins correctly, I will be moreso a vegetarian. I envision that diet to be similar to the macrobiotic diet (fruit, vegetables, and whole grains), with such grains like quinoa incorporated regularly into my diet.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bill Gates' First Annual Letter

One of Bill Gates' resolutions for 2009 was to begin the tradition of writing an annual letter. His 2009 letter includes his thoughts on his Foundation's work on reducing childhood deaths, increasing agriculture productivity in developing countries, improving education in the US, and reducing the occurrence of polio, AIDS, and malaria. He believes in the promise of technology and explains how he supports researching technological breakthroughs to solve many of these problems (ie. vaccinations, agricultural breakthroughs) at the same time he supports providing means for people to effectively use these technological breakthroughs.