Friday, July 11, 2008

Bigger than yourself, and as small as a smile

I read these articles today, sent from my newly set-up email alerts from World Hunger Year:

Hunger Crisis Through the Lens of Haiti: The last paragraph was particularly helpful: " was concluded that the short term goal is to send food to Haiti and the long term goal is assist them in gaining sustainability through the input of an agricultural initiative."

National Farm Worker Ministry Supports Those Who Work in the Field:

Why do I try so hard, dedicating my life to researching things like this, you ask? Perhaps a good friend of mine - who runs hundreds of miles to raise money to help AIDS- and poverty-stricken children in South Africa after going over there and seeing the children with his own eyes - says it best: it's "due to the mental and spiritual drive placed in your mind and on your heart due to the irreversible impact of something bigger than yourself and something as small as a smile."

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