Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Speaking out against racism

Former neo-Nazi speaks at Trabant - News

This speaks to me at so many levels right now. Grad school has opened up my eyes to how much institutional racism still exists in America, and this speech/article speaks to that. We need more of this awareness. And the last quote by Matt Lenno is really awesome too. It reminds me of Biblical Paul and the potential for terrorists that Shane Claiborne speaks about in The Irresistible Revolution:

"He was a skinhead," he said. "He was a miserable human being. He bred hate and he has shown that he can change. Not only is this a speaker on diversity but he is a motivational speaker. He has shown that he can change and he leads a movement against hate no matter what the cost is to his family or whatever it may be. If someone like that, that horrible of a human being can change, anybody can change what they're doing and anyone can change their message."

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