Friday, April 17, 2009

Service Dog for Norma!

"Save one life, and you save the world entire"

Hey guys!

My mom's dear friend Norma's service dog Sasquatch died recently. Norma had a virus which spread to her brain and left her disabled. She lives in Manchester, NH and is a trained concert singer, but the virus has also left her without the lung capacity to sing.

If you are at all familiar with service dogs, these pups become like family/nurse for people with disabilities. So when Sasquatch lost his battle with cancer, it left Norma with the grief of losing a best friend plus the problem of needing a new service dog. Training raises the price for these canines, and Norma needs $9500 to achieve this.

I feel a lot of you probably have good networks to send this to, and this is a trustworthy cause. a) Norma's a dear family friend b) I loved Sasquatch. It is a true loss and also vital to help her.

But I think that together, dollar by dollar and the power of networking and the internet we can help her out. Let's see how fast we can get this done!

Read her story here.

You can immediately donate through PayPal & ChipIn

And lastly, could you pass this along to people who might be able to help?

Thanks for your help guys,


(Here is a recording of her singing back in the Philippines for a hit record there )

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