Saturday, May 2, 2009

GE foods

I attended the Brooklyn Food Conference today and here is some information on GE foods that I learned:
The International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology (IAASTD) has issued a report on GE foods (which has not been endorsed by the US...their reports can be found here).
Additionally, the Union of Concerned Scientists' document, "Failure to Yield" seems like a great report on GE crops.
There is a "National Organic Action Plan," which is a citizen-based group that defines "organic" and emphasizes crop diversity.
Kathy Lawrence from School Food Focus said that the primary purpose of introducing GE foods into the system was to solidify the market share for a few multinational corporations, not to feed the world. She says it's been proven that organic agriculture could indeed feed the world.
In addition, the National Family Farm Coalition is working on legislation to block the introduction of new crops into the food system.

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