Friday, May 8, 2009

Theologies of Sickness, Equality

A Theology of Sickness by Robert Lewis Foley, Sr., D.Min., D.D. (pdf)
I. absolutely. love. this. document.

A Theology of Equality by Reverend Dr. J. Albert Bush, Sr. (pdf)
This. one. too.

Faith-based health initiatives such as the one at the Bronx Health REACH are the way to go. (Note: the Bronx Health REACH website will be updated soon to include an entire toolkit, similar to the form of the NHLBI Faith-Based Toolkit. I was just reading these documents now and had to share.)

Oh yeah, and this Community Gardens: Blessed be the Soil that Binds (pdf) looks like a good, quick resource on connecting spirit and soil. Thanks to Rose Hayden-Smith (@victorygrower) for posting this on Twitter!

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